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Zara Muse

Zara Muse, the artistic alter ego of Alexandra Johnson, has been captivated by the world of art since her earliest memories. Coming from an artist background, even though her career took her into different paths in her early adult life, her heart remained steadfastly dedicated to art.

Since her first solo show in September 2023, Zara has rapidly gained recognition in the art world. Her subsequent exhibitions in London drew notable acclaim, solidifying her presence and leading to international opportunities. Her artwork was chosen from among the top ten contemporary fine art artists to be displayed at the prestigious Media Freedom Awards, which hosts the best journalists and top broadcasters in the UK. She is now famously popping up across the UK and internationally, from her roots in London to Wales, Scotland, and beyond.

In 2024, Zara's career reached new heights with features in high-profile events such as the Ideal Home Christmas and Spring shows. She was selected by Michelin star chefs to adorn their restaurant walls, including a three-month exhibition at Kanishka. Her works have also been commissioned by prominent figures, further affirming her status. Zara continues to captivate audiences and affirm her place as the rising star in contemporary fine art, with many more achievements yet to come.